Penil Hematoma in a 3-month-old Boy Bir bebekte penil hematom

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Alparslan Kapisiz
Cem Kaya
Abdurhman Tartik
Nassim Emarat Pardaz
Zafer Turkyilmaz
Kaan Sonmez


We presented a 3-month-old boy with glans ischemia without any etiologic factors. He underwent elective circumcision at a private  hospital one month ago and  postoperative period was uneventfull. Glans penis and penis color changed from normal to black within hours after coming to the our clinic, hematoma was considered and a immediate  surgical decision was made. The right lateral circumcision incision was re-insized and 2 cm coagulated  hematoma was evacuated. As in this patient, even a minor hematoma can rapidly change the picture because of the small penile size of pediatric patients. Therefore, such cases should be kept under close observation.

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