Foreign Body Stones in the Urinary Bladder of Two Children


  • Zafer Turkyilmaz
  • Ramazan Karabulut Department of Pediatric Surgery, Gazi University Medical Faculty, Ankara
  • Suleyman Yesil
  • Fazli Polat
  • Hayrunnisa Oral
  • Teymurşah Muradi
  • Kaan Sonmez


Bladder calculi rarelyseen in children and are usually a manifestation of an underlying pathologic condition of the lower urinary tract, metabolic disease, voiding dysfunction, urinary infection, obstruction, or foreign body retention. However, a forgotten double j stent and a ruptured Foley balloon-induced bladder stone are an unusual complication for children. We report two case of bladder stone induced by a fragment of a ruptured Foley balloon and forgotten double j stent . The bladder stone and balloon fragment and stent were successfully removed by cystoscopy by using a holmium:yttrium–aluminum-garnet (Ho-YAG) laser lithotripter


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