A Lucky Case: An Unusual Penetreting Injury of the Scrotum in an Adolescent: Traumatic Implantation of a Rebar


  • Ramazan Karabulut
  • Zafer Türkyılmaz
  • Kaan Sönmez
  • Aslı Ozbayoğlu
  • Yıldız Pehlivan
  • A. Can Başaklar


Penetrating scrotal trauma usually results with injury to immediate structures including testis, urethra, vas deferens and vessels or adjacent nongenital structures. In a limited number of published scrotal trauma cases in literature, associated organ trauma or injury to adjacent structures were usually present. In this case report, a patient with isolated scrotal penetrating injury due to a rebar is presented. To our knowledge, such a trauma with regard to its occurrence and limited damage is the first in the medical literature.  


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