Extraordinarily Low Level of HbA1c due to Hemolytic Anemia


  • Muhammet Cemal Kizilarslanoglu Gazi University
  • Ramazan Civelek Gazi University
  • Mustafa Kemal Kilic Gazi University
  • Fatih Sumer Gazi University
  • Zekeriya Ulger Gazi University


HbA1c measurement gives us information about glycemic levels in patients with diabetes mellitus for the last 3 months. Some factors such as drugs, anemia (hemolytic anemia, hemoglobinopathies etc.), alcoholism, renal failure may affect HbA1c levels via decreasing erythrocyte survival. Herein, we report a very rare clinical presentation of a case of geriatric male patient with an extraordinarily low level of HbA1c (2.7%) which was caused by immune hemolytic anemia associated with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.


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