The Species Composition of Malaria Mosquitoes in the Kharkov Region (Ukraine): Natural Factors of Malaria Spread

  • Ludmyla Gazzavi-Rogozina
  • Olga Filiptsova
  • Olga Naboka
  • Alexandr Ochkur
Keywords: Malaria, Anopheles genus, epidemiology, evaluation of abundance, hydrotechnical measures


Objective: Article describes the species composition of malaria mosquitoes dominating in the Kharkov region, Ukraine, season of their possible effective infection, as well as antimalarial precautions taken.Methods: When collecting the material, the conventional methods of evaluation of abundance of mosquitoes were used. Collection of larvae and pupae was carried out with standard butterfly net or photo tray with subsequent recalculation per m2. Results: On the territory of the region were studied 30 species of bloodsucking mosquitoes of such three genera as Anopheles, Culex, Aedes were found.Conclusion: Facts demonstrate the favorable environmental conditions for malaria spread such as; increase in the number of vectors, increase in precipitation, long temperature period of transmission of infection.


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