Symptomatic Pneumocephaly and Pneumorrhachis Secondary to Incidental Durotomy in Lumbar Spinal Surgery Semptomatik pnömosefali ve pnömorakis

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Aydemir Kale


The coexistence of pneumocephalus and pneumorrhachis is very rare after spinal surgery. Iatrogenic cerebrospinal fluid leakage is a risk for these complications. They are usually asymptomatic and the diagnosis is made radiologically. Clinical findings vary from patient to patient. We report the case of a patient who developed widespread pneumocephalus and pneumorrhachis after lumbar disc surgery and pedicle screw fixation. Serious neurolgical detoriation were detected after mobilization. The radiological images showed extensive air entrapment into spinal and cranial cavity. The patient was discharged on the seventh post-operative day with full recovery after conservative treatment.

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