Unexpected Extremely Rare Upper Aerodigestive Tract Foreign Body

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vshakri ehdam
Suzina Sheikh Ab Hamid
Sakinah Mohamad


Foreign body (FB) ingestion is common in children and the elderly, and is life-threatening in certain cases. Psychiatric disorders, mental retardation, prisoners, alcoholics, edentulous elders and probably stroke are among the risk factors in adult cases. The most common FBs are fishbone, chicken bone, coin, denture and improperly chewed meat. Some extremely rare FB has been reported such as durian seed and plastic fork. Symptoms are varied depending on the size and shape of FB and the site of impaction. FB that lodges in the airway is obviously more severe and needs to be addressed urgently. Detailed history, clinical examination and proper investigation help early detection and prompt management. However, challenges in diagnosis may arise in the case of rare FB and the patient unable to give a proper history. We present an extremely rare FB that contradicts from the patient's history.

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