Self-Extrusion of Unusual Size Submandibular Sialolith: A Case Report

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vshakri ehdam
Norsyamira Aida Mohamad Umbaik
Norhafiza Mat Lazim


Sialolithiasis is most commonly affects submandibular gland and duct due to its saliva content properties and anatomical location. The common size of sialolith is between 5mm and 10mm and it is called unusual in size when bigger than 10mm. The exact aetiology of its formation is still unknown. Typical presenting symptom is long history of fluctuating submandibular swelling which is associated with meal. Diagnosis is usually based on the history, clinical examination and supplemented by radiographic finding. Treatment is depending on size, location, and the number of stone. We present a case of unusual size of submandibular stone, 15mm x 5mm which is self-extruded by conservative management.

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