Principles, Domains and Processes of HIT Governance Frameworks: A Systematic Review

  • Farahnaz Sadoughi Department of Health Information Management, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR Iran
  • Nasrin Davaridolatabadi
  • Maryam Ahmadi
  • Mehraban Shahi


Introduction: IT governance points out how to manage IT and align the decisions related to IT with processes, resources, and responsibilities within the organization. This study was conducted aimed at a review of studies on the principles, domains, and processes of IT governance framework. Method: This is an applied study that was carried out in the qualitative method of systematic review. The study population consisted of all English articles indexed in scientific databases and electronic journals available. 36 eligible articles from among the articles reviewed entered the study and the data desired were collected through data extraction form and search strategy and analyzed using content analysis. Results: Results showed that among 36 articles, four of the articles dealt with principles, 33 articles with domains, and 24 articles with processes of IT governance frameworks. These principles are related to IT frameworks of ISO 38500, ITIL V3, TOGAF, Prince 2, COBIT, Val IT. The domains included frameworks of CMMI, ITIL, PMBOK, COBIT, ISO 27001, COSO, Val IT, P2CMM. The processes also referred to the frameworks of Val IT, P2CMM, COBIT, ISO 27001 and 27000, ITIL, PMBOK and CMMI. Conclusion: Based on this information and an overview of the principles, domains, and processes of the frameworks obtained in this study, the managers and officials of hospitals' IT units can specify an appropriate governance framework for IT Service Management, method improvement of processes, probable risks management and project management.


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Literature Review With Cases