Preparing Standardized Pouches In Experimental Studies Using The Button Technique


  • Billur Sezgin Erzurum Bolge Egitim Arastirma Hastanesi
  • Hakan Bulam
  • Kemal Fındıkçıoğlu
  • Selahattin Ozmen
  • Cemalettin Celebi


In experimental studies undertaken especially in the field of plastic surgery, the preparation of standard subcutaneous or intramuscular pouches in animal models are quite frequent. When performing an experimental study, standardization is one of the key factors that make a scientific study valuable and worthy (1-2). In our clinic, we use the button technique when preparing standardized subcutaneous pouches in animal studies. Our technique is presented. 


Shan JJ, Rodgers K, Lai CT, Sutherland SK. Challenges in Natural Health Product Research: The Importance of Standardization. Proc West Pharmacol Soc 2007; 50: 24-30.

Smolen JS, Steiner G, Tan EM. Standards of care: The value and importance of standardization. Arthritis Rheumatism 1997, 40:410-2




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