Dacrocytes: A Distinct Presentation in Breast Carcinoma

Dacrocytes: A Distinct Presentation in Breast Carcinoma


  • Hamza Sümter Uşak University Faculty of Medicine Training and Research Hospital, Department of Hematology, Uşak, Türkiye


Peripheral smear, dacrocyte, breast cancer


Peripheral smear, in which blood cells are evaluated morphologically, is used as a routine in the daily hematology outpatient clinic. This procedure can sometimes play an important role and even save the patient time in the diagnosis. The patient who came to the hematology outpatient clinic with fatigue and underwent bone marrow biopsy because of dacrocyte in his peripheral smear was diagnosed with breast cancer with bone marrow metastasis. The patient was transferred to the oncology outpatient clinic for follow-up. This study was presented to emphasize the importance of peripheral smear.