Brief History of Pediatric Surgery and Establishment Stages in Turkey


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  • Nesrin Çobanoğlu


Past, present and future affect each other directly and indirectly. For this reason, the history of medicine is of great importance in understanding how today's medicine was shaped as it became today and in planning the future of medicine by analyzing the processes it went through. Although medical knowledge has increased cumulatively over the ages, the rate of increase in knowledge in the last century has required more the need for specialization in medicine and many fields of specialization have emerged. The field of pediatric surgery has emerged in the modern sense in the last sixty years in Turkey and reached its current form. For this reason, medical historians have closely witnessed the birth, growth and development of pediatric surgery, as it is a very young surgical discipline. Knowing the journey of the pediatric surgery specialty from the past to the present will help pediatric surgeons to understand the current state of their field.






Literature Review With Cases