Approach to Tinnitus Patient with Glomus Tumor: A Case Report


  • Gözde Bayramoğlu Çabuk a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:15:"gazi university";}
  • Mehmet Düzlü


tinnitus, glomus tumor, multiple approach


Glomus tumors are benign neoplasms that can be observed in the head and neck region. Because of their critical anatomical location, the management of patients may require consultation from multiple departments. Glomus tumors affecting the middle ear may cause various symptoms including hearing loss and tinnitus. Our aim in presenting this case report is to share our treatment method for tinnitus caused by jugular glomus tumor and to emphasize the benefit of applying an individual therapy approach, especially in patients with reduced options for getting help during the pandemic period.




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