Occupational Health and Safety in the Laboratories of Experimental Animals


  • Elvan Anadol Gazi University
  • Ayşe Şebnem İlhan


In our country, laboratories are working areas where there are many risks in terms of occupational health and safety. The knowledge levels, attitudes, and behaviors of employees in terms of OHS should be well known, especially in these work areas where biological, chemical, and physical risk factors are intense. Considering the researchers as well as employees in experimental animal laboratories, the OHS knowledge level of those employees in these centers is important not only for protecting themselves but also for the protection of incoming researchers and their families. With this review, it has been tried to give up-to-date information about the hazards that employees and researchers may encounter and the precautions to be taken according to the biosafety levels in laboratories where animal experiments are carried out.






Literature Review With Cases