Abnormally Widened Symphysis Pubis of a Child: Nontraumatic and with No Associated Metabolic Abnormalities


  • Mehmet Albayrak Özel Tekirdağ Yaşam Hastanesi
  • Fatih Uğur Kastamonu Devlet Hastanesi


Widened symphysis pubis is not commonly seen but may be seen in such a variety either during growing period or incidentally. There are normal variations in the size of the symphysis pubis throughout childhood. However, as orthopaedic proffesionals, we should be aware of the normal variation in size of the symphysis pubis and that trauma is not the only cause of an abnormally widened symphysis pubis. This report describes an idiopathic widened symphysis pubis unrelated to any other congenital pathology or trauma and emphasizes the normal variation of the symphysis pubis and the need for clinical importance.