Sigmoid Volvulus Provoked by Severe Diarrhea


  • Cemalettin Koc Inonu University Faculty of Medicine, General Surgery
  • Ufuk Uylas Inonu University Faculty of Medicine, General Surgery
  • Cuneyt Kayaalp Inonu University Faculty of Medicine, General Surgery


Here, we presented two sigmoid volvulus cases both presented after severe diarrhea episodes. A 69-year-old male with the symptoms of severe diarrhea for 2.5 months presented with left colonic obstruction. Sigmoid volvulus was diagnosed with plain abdominal X-ray, computed tomography and colonoscopy confirmed the diagnosis. After a successful colonoscopic detorsion, the patient underwent elective laparoscopic colon surgery. The second case was a 50-year-old male with mental retardation who complaint of diarrhea for four days. After sudden interruption of diarrhea, the abdomen was begun to swell. Sigmoid volvulus was diagnosed when a coffee bean sign was seen on his plain abdomen X-ray. Detorsion was applied by colonoscopy. The patient was planned for elective surgery but his relatives refused. Sigmoid volvulus is generally accompanied with constipation, whereas in our cases, diarrhea was the essential symptom before sigmoid colon volvulus. So far there has been only one reported case. Our aim was to underline that sigmoid volvulus can be seen after diarrhea.



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