Erythema Discromicum Perstans Related with Oral Contraceptive and Progesterone Injections


  • Gonca Soyuduru
  • Esra Adışen Gazi ÜTF Dermatoloji AD
  • Mehmet Ali Gürer


Erythema discromicum perstans is clinically characterized by asymptomatic, hyperpigmented macules  of various size on the face, trunk and extremities. It typically occurs in the second decade of life and generally affects those with phototype IV skin. The etiology of erythema discromicum perstans is unknown but associations with endocrinopathies, infestations, infections, and  drug allergies have been reported. The association with oral contraceptives and progesterone injections has not been reported yet in the literature.  Herein, we report a case of a 34 year old woman who presented  with  extensive and progressive erythema discromicum perstans induced and/or exacerbated by the ingestion of oral contraceptives and multiple  progesterone injections. We aim to emphasize the “probable” side effect of these drugs. Awareness of this probable association  deserves attention due to the widespread use of  oral contraceptive pills and/or  progesterone injections.


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