Mediastinal Hemangiopericytoma with Bone Metastases in a 2.5 Year-old-boy


  • Arzu Okur
  • Faruk Güçlü Pınarlı
  • Ceyda Karadeniz
  • Aynur Oğuz
  • Aylar Poyraz
  • Ömer Uluoğlu
  • Serdar Kula
  • Rana Olguntürk


Hemangiopericytoma (HPC) is a soft tissue sarcoma characterized by the proliferation of capillary pericytes. Here we present a 2.5 year-old-boy with a mediastinal mass and multiple bone metastases. The tumor was very aggressive and showed progression despite aggressive chemotherapy, leading to a dismal prognosis. 


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