Respiratory Tract Safe Sampling and Quarantine Cabinet Development and Application Results

  • Mehmet Renan Gökyay
  • Semih Fahri Pertin
  • Mustafa Necmi İlhan, MD, PhD Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Department of Public Health
  • Murat Kanber
  • Serhat Ünlü
  • Muzaffer Alta Zaim


The Safe Sampling Cabinet will be used to safely take the respiratory tract samples of patients who have the possibility of being infected due to Covid19 Pandemic or similar reasons; to take samples from a cabinet in positive pressure by filtering and ventilating in the operating theater hygiene class without transmitting the infection to health care professionals and to keep the areas with potential patients in the negative pressure and prevent infection. By filtering and discharging the air exhausted from the negative pressure division where the patient is present; it is aimed to prevent infection in open or closed areas. Furthermore, the units in the form of mobile cabinets have been designed and implemented to keep / quarantine the patients; who have positive test results or those waiting for the test results in crowded areas such as airports, shopping malls; in clean cabinets with negative atmospheric pressure. 
Literature Review With Cases