Knowledge of Medical Ethics Among Medical Undergraduate Students in a Medical College in South India

  • Chandni Gupta kasturba medical college, manipal
  • Vikram Palimar kasturba medical college, manipal
  • Sneha Guruprasad Kalthur kasturba medical college, manipal


Introduction: All around the world medical training has become more and more commercialized and medical ethics has taken a backseat. Doctors should know medical ethics not only just to avoid blame of negligence but they should also respect the human morals principles. If we teach ethics to medical students it has shown significant influence on professionalism and moral qualities of medical professionals. The aim of this study is to assess the knowledge of bioethics in medical undergraduate students in a medical college in south India. Materials and methods: The study is conducted on 108 undergraduate students who were studying at KMC, Manipal. A preformed proforma containing few questions regarding medical ethics will be given them to fill. The results are analyzed using simple statistics methods. Results: Our study showed that 86.11% of students have knowledge of ethics. 57.4% of the students think that knowledge of ethics is very important in medical curriculum. Conclusion: The study will help us to find the knowledge of medical ethics among the undergraduate medical student in a medical college in south India. It will also reflect the student view about the importance of knowledge of ethics in Medical curriculum.

Author Biographies

Chandni Gupta, kasturba medical college, manipal
associate professor of anatomy
Vikram Palimar, kasturba medical college, manipal
professor department of forensic medicine
Sneha Guruprasad Kalthur, kasturba medical college, manipal
professor and head department of anatomy


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