Pilomatricoma of the Retroauricular Area

  • Selin Üstün Bezgin Istanbul Kanuni Sultan Education and Research Hospital
  • Raşit Cevizci Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Medicine
  • Ahmet Keleş Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Medicine
  • Elif Çalış Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Medicine
  • Yıldırım Ahmet Bayazıt Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Medicine
Keywords: Pilomatricoma, skin neoplasm, calcifying epitelioma.


Pilomatricoma is a benign skin tumor of hair matrix cells. The head and neck is the most commonly affected site of the body. This article describes 41 year-old man who referred to our clinic with an asymptomatic, slow-growing mass on the right retroauricular, suboccipital region. The tumor was excised and histopathologically diagnosed as pilomatricoma. Because of its frequency and predilection of head and neck region, otolaryngologists should be familiar of this tumor.

Author Biographies

Selin Üstün Bezgin, Istanbul Kanuni Sultan Education and Research Hospital
Otorhinolaryngology Department
Raşit Cevizci, Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Medicine
Otorhinolaryngology Department
Ahmet Keleş, Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Medicine
Otorhinolaryngology Department
Elif Çalış, Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Medicine
Department of Pathology
Yıldırım Ahmet Bayazıt, Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Medicine
Otorhinolaryngology Department


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