A Treatment Approach in a Toxic Hepatitis Patient Having Chronic Lymphedema and Stasis Ulcer

  • Emrah Ereren Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Education and Research Hospital , Istanbul
  • Mehmet Atay
  • Vedat Bakuy
  • Ali Aycan Kavala
  • Saygun Türkyılmaz
Keywords: Lymphedema, hepatitis, leg ulcer


Chronic lymphedema hold an important place among the reasons of leg ulcers other than venous disorders, and leg ulcers in patients with lymphedema are seen frequently. Primarily wound maintenance, pneumatic compression and vacuum assisted wound closure systems should be used in stasis ulcers developing due to lymphedema. When systematic antibiotic treatments are used irregularly and without function, it can harm the patient rather than benefit. In this article we present a chronic lymphedema patient in whom toxic hepatitis developed due to irregular antibiotic and analgesic usage in order to treat leg ulcers.  


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