Postpericardiotomy Syndrome: A Rare Complication Following Double Arcus Aorta Operation

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Tugay Tepe


Vascular ring anomalies are rare congenital malformations and, a double aortic arch is the most common form. Correction rarely leads to postoperative complications. A full-term newborn was referred to our hospital on the postnatal  11th  day due to periodic respiratory distress, feeding intolerance, and a diagnosesis of double arcus aorta. The case was operated on the postnatal 25th day and did not develop any problems. However, on the 8th day after the intervention, Postpericardiotomy Syndrome clinic occurred. Despite the fact that postpericardiotomy syndrome is common in children after undergoing open-heart surgery for congenital heart disease,  to our knowledge, our case is the youngest in the literature to develop postpericardiotomy syndrome due to correction of the double aortic arch. In terms of understanding the reasons, we believe that this study may contribute to the literature.

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