Female Sexuel Function After Trans Obturator Tape Placement for Stress Urinary Incontinance

  • Suleyman Yesil
  • Onur Dede
  • Goksel Hasan Nedim Goktug
  • Ismail Nalbant
  • Ufuk Ozturk
  • Abdurrahim Muhammet Imamoglu
Keywords: Stress urinary incontinance, surgery, sexual function


Objective: To assess the effectiveness of trans obturator tape (TOT) for the surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinance (SUI) on female sexuel function.Methods: We evaluated 34 sexualy  active patients, who had stress urinary incontinance. Patients sexuel function evaluated preoperative and 6 months after operation with Female Sexuel Function Index (FSFI) scores.Results: Statistically significant improvements were seen in daily pad use from 2.4±1.1 to 0.2±0.4 (p value <0.001) and incontinence episodes daily number from 3.3±1.3 to 0.5±0.7 (p value <0.001).  FSFI and pain score were compared and results were smiliar (from 4.8 ± 0.7 to 4.6±0.8 p value 0.52). Preoperative Female Sexuel Function Index was compared with after the six months results and significant imporovement was carried (from 15.4±2.5 to 19.4±5.5 p value:0.02).Conclusions: TOT sling placement was associated with improvements in validated measures of sexual function.


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