Endoscopic Treatment of a Fistula, Which is Developed by Anastomotic Leakage with Fibrin Glue

  • Kemal Peker
  • İsmail Demiryılmaz
Keywords: Anastomotic leakage, tissue adhesives, endoscopy


Surgeons have been using sutures made up of different materials to reunite disrupted tissues, throughout centuries. However, these materials may have certain disadvantages like foreign body reaction, infection, scarring, need for removal and cost. Their application is time-consuming and needs skill and experience. Whereas tissue adhesives is one of alternative to conventional suturing and has some additional advantages. The use of fibrin glue, as in concentrated human fibrinogen in combination with thrombin for hemostasis and tissue adhesion has been an important advance in a variety of surgical applications. The purpose of this study is to share our experience about fibrin glue. 


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