Pyogenic Granuloma of Ventral Surface of Tongue – A Rare Presentation

  • Vshakri Ehdam Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Ramiza Ramza Ramli


Oral pyogenic granuloma is a common benign lesion of oral cavity. It is a type of reactive hyperplasia of oral cavity apart from peripheral ossifying fibroma, peripheral giant cell granuloma and fibrous hyperplasia. Various etiopathogenesis have been proposed like infection, trauma and hormone. The presentation may varies depending on site of lesion, etiology factors and patient’s activities. The common presentation is usually related to repeated trauma and chronic irritation to oral cavity subsites particularly to gingiva, lip, tongue and buccal mucosa. We present a case of pyogenic granuloma of ventral surface of tongue in young male adult football player with unusual presentation. Excision is still the treatment of choice in most of the centers, although other alternatives like cryosurgery and laser have been reported.