An Incarcerated Grommet within the Ear Drum



Myringotomy and grommet insertion is a common otorhinolaryngology procedure performed among young children. This procedure is mostly done for children with persistent otitis media with effusion (OME). A 6-year-old boy had undergone a bilateral myringotomy with grommet insertion and adenoidectomy. During follow-up, the left grommet was seen to be incarcerated within the layers of the eardrum. Later, an endoscopic guided removal of the grommet was performed. The possible mechanisms postulated for migration of a grommet into the middle ear are difficulties in inserting the tube, the development of biofilm on the tubes’ medial surface and also eustachian tube dysfunction. Though a dislodged grommet into the middle ear is a well-documented complication, there are not many images of a grommet being incarcerated within the layers of the tympanic membrane available in the literature.

Author Biography

Thilaga A/P Rajendran