Large Dentigerous Cyst of the Mandible that Surgically Enucleated Following 9-Months Marsupialization in a Young Female Patient: A Case Report

  • Kadriye Ayça Dere Pamukkale University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Sara Samur Ergüven 75th Year Oral and Dental Health Hospital
  • Emre Barış
Keywords: Dentigerous cyst, mandible, marsupialization


Dentigerous cyst is the most common type of developmental odontogenic cyst and it is commonly associated with the crown of an impacted tooth. Owing their asymptomatic behavior it is likely to cause significant bone resorption/ expansion and tooth displacement. This case report presents a large developmental dentigerous cyst located at the ramus mandible of a 30-year-old female patient that was managed conservatively by surgical approach after 9-month marsupialization treatment.


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