Behçet’s Disease

  • Esra Adışen GAZİ
  • Berkay Temel
Keywords: Behçet’s Diseaese, therapy, etiopathogenesis, clinical features


Behçet’s Disease (BD) was first described by Hulusi Behçet in 1937 as a disease characterized by recurrent aphthous ulceration in the mouth and genital area and hypopyon iridocyclitis. Diagnostic criteria developed by the International Working Group in 1990 were generally accepted among dermatologists. BD usually begins with oral ulcers, and the development of other systemic manifestations last for years. The disease often starts in the second and third decades, but a period of 1-8 years is required for a full clinical picture to be completed. Mucocutaneous findings are the most common manifestations during the course of BD. BD begins with mucocutaneous lesions in 70-95% of the patients. Despite the possibility to affect almost all systems, the disease is often accompanied by mucocutaneous findings. BD is a chronic, multisystemic disease that shows remissions and exacerbations during the course of the disease. In the last two decades, great progress has been made in the treatment of mucocutaneous and ocular involvement of BD. On the other hand, CNS involvement, treatment of thrombosis and arterial aneurysms of major vessels remains a problem. In this article knowledge about etiology and clinical features, has been reviewed.


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