Autosomal Recessive Parkinson’s Disease with Early-Onset in a Turkish Family

  • Zeynep Özözen Ayas Yunus Emre Hospital
  • Dilcan Kotan Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine
  • Aslı Aksoy Gündoğdu Namık Kemal University, Faculty of Medicine
Keywords: Parkinson disease, autosomal recessive, early-onset


Parkinson disease is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease with an increasing incidence of age. It is thought that genetic factors in etiology may be the underlying cause together with environmental factors. Sporadic cases are seen in 85 %, familial forms in 10-15 %, and single gene inheritance in 5 %. In this article, we present a patient with early-onset Parkinson disease who had family history but negative genetic analyses. Genetic mutations of autosomal recessive early-onset parkinsonism are more frequently evaluated in clinical practice and are directed to be analyzed more frequently in a selected group of patients.

Author Biographies

Zeynep Özözen Ayas, Yunus Emre Hospital
Department of Neurology
Dilcan Kotan, Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine
Department of Neurology
Aslı Aksoy Gündoğdu, Namık Kemal University, Faculty of Medicine
Department of Neurology


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