The Effects of in vitro Hyperglycemic Incubation on A23187-Mediated Contractile Responses of Rat Thoracic Aorta

  • Işıl Özakca Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Vascular smooth muscle, Endothelium, Hyperglycemia, Aging


Objective: Vascular tonus has been controlled by several factors secreted from endothelium in physiological conditions. In the present study, the possible changes on endothelium-derived contractile responses in normoglycemic and hyperglycemic conditions in terms of exposure-time dependency has been investigated. Methods: To assess the possible alterations under acute hyperglycemia with different incubation periods on endothelium-derived contractile responses in isolated rat thoracic aorta, A23187-mediated contractile responses were performed in a cumulative manner for isometric tension measurements. Results: Incubation for 3 hours with Krebs solution containing high glucose increased the A23187-mediated contraction of rat thoracic aorta. The A23187-induced contraction significantly decreased in response to the same incubation period with normoglycemic conditions and totally abolished with incubation for 6 hours. The possible effects of osmotic pressure induced by high glucose content checked with mannitol. Conclusion: Our results indicated that the A23187-mediated contractile response was increased by acute hyperglycemia. These data has shown the detrimental effects of short term hyperglycemia on endothelium-derived contractile factors. Also the incubation period-related characteristics of A23187-mediated contractile responses as observed in normoglycemic conditions indicate the unstable properties of endothelium-derived contractile factors and/or related signaling pathway(s).


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