Lipid Profiles as a Possible Contributor to Osteoporosis

  • Mohammad Hossein Yazdanpanah
  • Sogol Sedighi
  • Mohammad Reza Rajabi
  • Saeed Osati
  • Azizallah Dehghan
  • Elham Ehrampoush
  • Reza Alipoor
  • Reza Homayounfar
Keywords: Lipids, osteoporosis, bone density, bone mineral content


Objectives: Reducing bone density is a major health problem in society. There is no general agreement on the relationship between serum lipids and bone mineral density. This study was conducted to investigate the association between lipid profile and osteoporosis. Material and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, 1500 subjects were randomly selected from Tehran. BMD was measured in pelvic, spine and total body by DEXA using the lunar device. Collected data imported to SPSS v19.0 and linear regression was performed as an analytic test. Statistical significant was defined as P-values less than 0.05. Results: Totally 1500 subjects participate in this study (age 40.88±11.58yr), 62% of subjects were female (n=930) and 38% were male (n=570). Age, sex and menopausal status were related to pelvic BMD (p-value<0.001). Among lipid profiles, TG (p-value =0.004), HDL (p-value =0.034) and LDL (p-value =0.005) was correlated with pelvic BMD. Total cholesterol (TC) was found to have no relationship with pelvic BMD (p-value =0.780). Also, body mass index (BMI) was related to BMD (p-value =0.001). Conclusion: The results of our study showed that both LDL and TG have an inverse relationship with BMD. Also, HDL had a positive effect on BMD. TC had no significant role in bone mineral density.


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