Effect of Pack-Year of Cigarette Smoking on Erythrocyte Parameters and Glucose Level Among Healthy Males

  • Osamah Awad Ahmed Raparin university,nursing college
Keywords: Cigarette smoking, pack-year of cigarette smoking, erythrocyteparameters, glucose level


Objective: To evaluate the effect of cigarette smoking and pack-year of cigarette smoking on red blood cell counts and its related parameters, also glucose concentration.Methods: Sixty consenting subjects of which 30controls (non-smokers) and 30 cases (smokers) were studied. Smokers were divided into two groups based on pack-year of cigarettes smoked. The red blood cell parameters and glucose level were analyzed in smoker and non-smoker. Independent T-test was used to comparison of a smoker and also one way ANOVA was used to comparison pack-year of smoking groups.Results: The present study showed no changes significantly in red blood cell parameter and glucose level between in smoker. The current result appeared alteration of red blood cells counts (RBC), hemoglobin level (HGB), hematocrit percent (HCT) and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration level (MCHC), while no difference of mean corpuscular volume (MCV), mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH), red cell distribution width (RDW) and glucose level in duration of smoking.  Conclusions: This study revealed that cigarette smoking statistically no effect on RBC counts and its related parameters and glucose level among healthy. However, the duration of smoking statistically had the effect on RBC, HGB, HCT and MCHC while had no effect on MCV, MCH, RDW and glucose level.  

Author Biography

Osamah Awad Ahmed, Raparin university,nursing college
Osamah Awad Ahmed was born October 8, 1986, in AL-Anbar. He received a bachelor’s degree at Chemistry Department in College of Education for pure sciences from Al-Anbar University in Ramadi city, Iraq during 2005-2009 and a master’s degree in Biochemistry from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India during 2010-2012. He began working as a lecturer by English teaching for (Biochemistry, Nutrition, Biochemistry Practical, Nutrition Practical, Physiology practical) in the college of nursing of Raparin University in Rania, Iraq, and supervisor of the graduation project.


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