Estimation of Platelet Parameters and Liver Enzymes During the Ramadan Fasting among Healthy Subjects

  • Osamah Awad Ahmed Raparin university
  • Luay Awad Ahmed


Background/aim: The aim of this study is to investigate Platelet Parameters and liver enzymes during the fasting in Ramadan month on among healthy subjects. Materials and methods: Twenty eight subjects (20 female and 8 male) participated in this study. Blood samples from healthy subjects were collected before 5 days of the fasting of Ramadan month and 28th day of the fasting of Ramadan month. Platelet Parameters were analyzed by using fully automatic hematological analyzer and liver enzymes were analyzed spectrophotometer (Biolab kits). Results: The study in female subject discovered no difference in MPV, PCT, ALT activity, and AST activity, while PLT count, PDW and LPCR decreased during the fasting of Ramadan month. In other hand, the study in male subject discovered a decrease in platelet parameters (PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT and LPCR), while ALT activity increased during the fasting of Ramadan month. Also this study in male subject discovered no difference in AST activity during the fasting of Ramadan month.   Conclusions: This study shows that fasting in the Ramadan month had effect on platelet parameters in males while had effect on PLT, PDW and LPCR in female health. This study shows fasting Ramadan had effect on ALT activity in male. 


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