Breast Cancer Metastasis Mimicking Cholangiocarcinoma: A Case Report

  • Hasan Bostanci Gazi University
  • Mahir Nasirov Gazi University
  • Cagri Ahmet Buyukkasap Gazi University
  • Kursat Dikmen Gazi University
  • Hande Koksal Gazi University
  • Mustafa Kerem Gazi University
Keywords: Breast cancer, metastasis, bile ducts


Breast cancer is the most common tumor and the main cause of death for malignancy in women. Common sites of metastasis include bones, lungs, lymph nodes, liver and brain. Although widespread metastases can compress or infiltrate the bile ducts, direct metastatic involvement of extrahepatic bile ducts are rare. Herein we present a patient with a history of breast cancer who is an exceptional case with metastatic infiltration of extrahepatic bile ducts in the absence of hepatic lesions and any other systemic metastasis.  

Author Biographies

Hasan Bostanci, Gazi University
Department of General Surgery
Mahir Nasirov, Gazi University
Department of General Surgery
Cagri Ahmet Buyukkasap, Gazi University
Department of General Surgery
Kursat Dikmen, Gazi University
Department of General Surgery
Hande Koksal, Gazi University
Department of General Surgery
Mustafa Kerem, Gazi University
Department of General Surgery


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