Pharmacogenetic Tests in Ukraine: Economic Aspect

  • Olga Filiptsova National University of Pharmacy
  • Olga Naboka National University of Pharmacy
  • Marina Kobets National University of Pharmacy
  • Julia Kobets National University of Pharmacy
Keywords: Pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenetic testing, personalized medicine, Ukraine, cost-effectiveness


Background: A key approach in modern medicine is the use of tactics of choosing drugs and their doses based on the specific characteristics of the individual patient, as well as determination of treatment regimens based on the genetic traits of the organism. This approach is part of personalized medicine and is based on pharmacogenetic testing. To study the real possibilities of conducting pharmacogenetic tests the questioning of the population of Ukraine has been performed for the first time, and the economic aspect of carrying out DNA tests has been studied.Methods: Field investigations were used in this work. The students of pharmaceutical, medical and biological specialties of higher schools of Ukraine, the medical staff, as well as persons having no relevance to the field of medicine or pharmacy were questioned. In our study 3143 respondents took part.Results: It has been determined that one third of the males and females interviewed in different occupational groups are ready at the moment to pay for testing depending on the cost of treatment. It has been shown that more than half of the respondents (71.8% males and 78.6% females) consider it possible to conduct DNA tests in Ukraine although it requires a significant investment.Conclusion: The opportunities of conducting pharmacogenetic testing in Ukraine taking into account the economic aspect have been studied. The studies have shown that it is necessary to raise the awareness of the population of Ukraine about pharmacogenetics with the purpose of further introduction of pharmacogenetic testing into clinical practice.

Author Biography

Olga Filiptsova, National University of Pharmacy
Biology Department


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